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Why Landing Pages Are Necessary For Today’s Era

Let us begin by understanding what a landing page is. In simple terms, it is a web page that allows you to interact with the leads and helps you obtain the visitor’s information through a conversion form, also called a lead-capture form. Landing pages have become an inevitable part of marketing strategies for organizations as they help target a particular audience as well as advertise your product or service through offers and promotions. One can try their own hand at designing a landing page or hire landing page agency for efficient and innovative results.

It has been well established that landing pages are the best ways to convert the hard-earned visitors into leads for your business. A good landing page can be accommodative and customizable. For example, you can let the prospective customers download content off of the page or redeem offers like demos or free trials for your service. The need to create landing pages has majorly outgrown the effort or costs that go into building them. Here are a few detailed reasons why well crafted landing pages are essential for gaining a competitive advantage.

Helps you generate leads

A commercial website has three objectives at its core. First to inform about your business in an elaborate and compelling way, second to attract new visitors and third to convert the visitors into customers. The landing pages are integral to the process of generating leads, initiating a quantification process, and funneling through your sales process. Most companies have their potential customers directed towards the home page which can be a flawed flow. The people click on ads need to acquire the necessary information in a quick and efficient manner. Any distractions or delays often lead to losing their interests.

They work round the clock

Once you develop a landing page for a niche or segment and put it out into the open as a part of the content marketing strategy, the follow-up steps are pretty much automated. The visitors are persuaded to have a look at the page and can sig-up or cash in your offers without any steps left on your part. It eliminates the practice of annually generating sales for your business.

Obtain data and insights into prospect demographics

The landing pages when associated with a specific campaign, content, source, or action, the user can easily observe which channel is bringing in the most traffic and leads. Other useful information that is collected s regarding the topics that generate maximum interests or which offers attract most consumers and which campaign or strategy produces satisfactory results. This practice is usually known as tracking user behavior to generate solid outputs. This data is valuable in figuring out your target audience and finetune the campaigns to cater to the specific demographic. The marketing team can analyze what type of marketing personas are converting based on the forms filled by the leads and the sales team obtains a generic idea about the lead before contacting them.

Test, optimize and grow

Similar to the testing and analysis of the data obtained from the landing pages, the landing pages themselves offer scope for testing and optimization to finalize after checking. This proves to be a huge benefit in today’s world where the tends change rapidly and the strategies need to be modified rapidly to adapt to the ever-changing scenarios. All the aspects of the page like headlines, copy, call to actions, visual representations for the offer, and forms can be tested and the best ones can be chosen. The developer can also contemplate whether they want to add some additional information like testimonials, videos, or comments from social media sites and grow your reach through the pages.

Creates brand awareness and credibility

Landing pages serve as the most appropriate medium for bullying the company’s credibility amongst the potential customers. Since the pages are as focused as a horse’s vision the audience realizes that the brand has made an effort to etch a clear path for them and develops a sense of trust subconsciously. Testimonials are often included to further reap the credibility benefits of landing pages. Another important use of having a landing page that is consistent with the sources that link to it is that it enhances the branding of your company across different media platforms.

Few essential components of an effective landing page

The main and supporting headline

The first and foremost component that catches the visitor’s attention is your headline. It should be informative and crisp and coherent with the scheme of your content. A catchy headline is essential to encourage the reader to move forward with the process.

Uncommon offers

Your landing pages should be designed to incentivize the users with some unique offers or content. Once you define this point of differentiation the leads will low in a seamless fashion and you will be able to observe ample conversions.

Appropriate visuals; images and videos

Finding an image that enhances the aesthetic of the page or inserting a video to convey an important message makes for solid components of a landing page. High quality and relevant ideas have to be chosen for this particular aspect of the page. If you are marketing for a physical product include an image of the same and if you are delivering a service a short video explaining about it can be helpful as well.

Social proof

As mentioned above, including client testimonials can build credibility for your business. Social proofs tend to be extremely persuasive and trustworthy. Awards from reputable platforms or the number of signups for a particular webinar can also be accounted for as testimonials of your service.

Closing arguments and call to action

The final opportunity to communicate with potential customers is provided by the closing arguments. You can present your unique selling points clearly and explain how your offer will benefit the user convincingly. A call to action is a prompt for the customer to proceed ahead with your brand. All the marketers are well-aware of the importance of this feature. It should be compelling, exciting, and highly persuasive.

Make the most of your landing page

When landing pages come to fruition the developers can witness the growth of their company on a first-hand basis.  It is the destination where people buy, customers click and you get to make revenue. Create a high-converting and powerful landing page and keep modifying to grow exponentially.

professional developer programmer working on software website design coding

Custom Software Development: What Is The Importance?

Owing to globalization, new tools and technologies are evolving continuously. And naturally, businesses must keep pace with the same to maintain their presence in the industry. Now, businesses keep investigating new strategies to streamline the way of their profit and popularity. And digital solutions are one of them.

Nonetheless, digital solutions do not always mean ready-made tools, which are available in the market nowadays. Rather, it is somewhat significant to find out an individual, customized solution for a company. Fortunately, custom software development in Melbourne is there to cater to these requirements.

A company needs to make a proper investment when it comes to custom software development. It is an expensive matter though. However, it is a much better solution than ready-to-use software. A customized business software will help to fulfil the business goals as it is personalized to the business needs only.

Now, it is time to talk about the importance of custom software development for a business.

Importance of Custom Software Development

Alleviates Complications in Business System Integration:

There is no denying that different segments of a business’s operation may call for tools from various vendors. Nonetheless, these tools can come with individual sets of technical requirements.

The same goes well for various development procedures, architectural variations and implementation differences. However, it poses a big challenge to the respective company to handle and maintain all these tools to operate the business.

Being a company, the whole technology framework must operate as an efficient single unit. Thus, a business owner can expect to extract the maximum benefits from the technology ecosystem. However, the efforts and time in integrating various tools can surpass the benefits.

Then, what can be the solution?

The simple answer is a custom software development.

It is a customized suite to cater to specific business goals. As a result, such software works on a particular set of rules for development as well as implementation. Thus, a business will get loads of advantages when it is about managing operational business applications. Moreover, it can also generate an easy-to-handle & interoperable enterprise technology infrastructure.

Addresses Scalability Restrictions:

Ready-made enterprise pieces software may come specified as a scalable solution. However, a company often has some unique needs, which calls for flexibility in application. Unfortunately, ready to use solutions may not help a company by stretching its limits. And it is where custom software comes to the picture.

Such software comes with specific business objectives in mind. Since these are flexible by nature, a business would get tremendous help in the technology domain.

So, during the changing scalability needs, customized business software can handle a business and its workflows with the ace. Thus, it eliminates the probability of arising new technical challenges for the team and continues the growth. It is essential to fulfilling specific business goals.

Now, it is clear how much custom enterprise software is mandatory to cater to the needs of scalable technology.

Helps in Excellent Innovation:

Innovations are the key to progress, is not it? So, a business owner must think about some unique solutions for the business to make a prominent presence in the competitive industry. As a result, the business owner can increase the odds of catering to the needs of more and more customers.

When it comes to opting for ready to deploy business solutions, a business cannot discover new innovative strategies with them. It is because these solutions do come with a specific strategy. So, a business may need to invest in a new solution if it is looking for something unique and innovative.

But the best solution in this regard is custom enterprise software. Thus, it becomes easier to experiment with new strategies and figure out innovative methodologies with the ace and ease. Thus, a business can appear like a tough yet competent competitor in the industry. It will attract more customers to a business.

Ensures A Great Support:

Businesses often look for the latest digital solutions to keep pace with the new market trends. However, it may demand a few modifications in the existing operational system. Nonetheless, opting for a wholly new ecosystem can pose challenges in terms of integration, time and efforts.

The solution is the support of custom software. It can expand the capability of the existing ecosystem. Thus, it is possible to use saved time and efforts in figuring out new business strategies.

Moreover, the team would also find it easier to work on the existing system rather than executing completely new software. Thus, it is possible to prevent the needs of costly customization of the new ecosystem, which were otherwise needed to address the business needs and goals.

Wrapping Up All the aforementioned factors are enough to comprehend the needs of custom software development Melbourne. Different businesses come with different business goals. So, they need a tailored solution to stand out from their competitors. Remember to go for a top-notch custom software development solution always.


Online Exam System Versus Traditional Exam Practices

As we all know that today most of the work is going on with the help of the new technology supported by the internet connection. In just a few months the working style of all most all the sectors have been changed even the educational sector is also affected by this pandemic. This has led to the shifting of all the educational practices through the internet. No doubt the educational institutes were dependent on the online services but partially or very less. But now they have to completely depend on the technology for taking exams, lectures, study material exam. For taking exams the universities are setting up the secure exam browser which will help them in taking the exams with full control over all the malpractices that can happen during the exam. This is the only way to save the time of the student from not getting wasted at all.

Let’s have a look at the process of how the online exams are being conducted through online exam software.

  • Set up exam: the very first step in conducting the exam is to set up the questionnaire regarding the exam in the system. This online platform supports different question formats. The teacher needs to set up the exam accordingly and can upload it is in the software.
  • Invite the test takers: after setting up the question paper the examiner needs to select the time slot in which the exam will be conducted. The decision of the time slot can be according to the convenience of both students and the teachers. After that on the day of the exam the invitation is being sent through emails to the students who are required to appear for the exam.
  • Authorize and proctor tests: before starting the test, the students need to provide them with some ID proof so that the chances of impersonation can be reduced. The server has the ID authentication that assesses the students’ credentials. After that while, in the exam the online proctoring keeps a continuous check on the pool of the students appearing for the exam and instantly averts if it finds anything wrong. This online exam also records the test and saves it as proof in case there is any requirement in any special case.
  • Real-time updates: this online examination system provides the student with the real-time results, as the results are displayed with no time and are shared with the students in the pdf form that are sent them through emails. This way within no time the actual results are displayed and the candidates can work upon that way only.
  • Group level analytics: the online examination system analysis the data of a large number of students within some time. The analysis can be customized according to the requirement of the university. It has lowered down the burden of teachers of checking and updating the results.
Online Exam System

This is the way how the online exam software works. These are much more efficient than traditional exam-taking practices. Let’s have a look at the major difference between these two practices.

  • Distance education: the online exam software has enabled the universities to carry out distance education practices. In many big and renowned universities students from different places study there and because of the problem of COVID-19 the universities were closed. And there is no scope of them to reopen. So this has online exam software along with the proctoring services that have made it possible to take exams of the students even when they are at home. All this is happening because of modern technology and it cannot be done if the traditional exam-taking practices are continued.
  • Flexibility: in the traditional way of taking an exam, the students were provided with the fixed dates on which they have to appear for the exam, and they don’t have the choice for it. Even the invigilators were made available on that particular day to take the exam. But nothing like this happens if the educational institutes take the help of the online exam centers. The schedule of the exams is being with the convenience of both teacher and the student. Even in some high-end exams the students are provided with the exam window within which they have to appear for the exam. This way the students can give exams according to their comfort and convenience.
  • Lowers the cost: after the universities get the online exam system installed, they need not do any other investment in conducting the exam. As the majority of the work is being done by the system. There is no arrangement of papers on which the questions are to be printed and the answer sheets like it are done in the traditional way of taking the exam. there is no need to make arrangements for the invigilators and the test centers where the exam will be conducted. All these things are done by the system. Even the results are being made by this software with very little time and setup. 

So, these are the ways by which the modern way of taking the exam is much more different from the traditional techniques. It has replaced the long hours of hard work of writing exams with the smart work that is done on the computers via the internet. Now this is the time to change our education system with this modern technique. No doubt the pandemic is affecting the lifestyle of the people to a greater extent. But the effects of this will help in the advancement of working styles. Now it has become very important for everyone to be in touch with the internet the reason for this can be any, it can be education or work. Looking at the good side of it all this is making people aware of all the modern technologies in the market. Get yourself available you all these new technologies and avail yourself of the benefits. And, surely, these new pieces of technologies will not let you down in any case.

app development vs software programming

App development vs software programming – What’s the best bachelors to study in 2020

As an enthusiast technology, people can use several gadgets, digital gimmicks & updates. But in case, if a person wants to prepare for conduct IT bachelors then they feel like Pac-man due to multiple options for study. 

There are several universities which provide computer science bachelor’s degree which seems to be specialized in certain fields like IT security, data science, multimedia & gaming, etc. due to which confusion has been created in the person mind who wants to prepare for becoming experts in a specific technology. This confusion also includes two terms named as app development & software programming. Software programmers design & create a specific system as well as perform testing of their written codes to bug fixing whereas the app developers design & creates apps for mobile & computer.

Explanation of app development & software programming

The development of app sounds is related to mobile applications development firm of app means process out some steps like the testing, designing, creation & launch out the app through which users get a high level of satisfaction for their demands or provided services. Although, the development of an app is not only meant for the applications of smartphones. It means that this application applies to electronic devices as well as computer devices. The main confusion creates here is app designing is also referred to as web development for the computer. Is it correct or wrong?

Development of web covers out a different task sets along with the operations & designing sets in contrast to this, mobile phones application include one or some functions that can be designed after research for an idea.

Software engineering is another name for the software programming which mainly deals with the writing code to develop a program based on software.there is a requirement that software programmers have specific knowledge about the coding as well as algorithms excel along with the plan for a test out every code after deploying them through which bugs fixing get easier. Along with it, software programmers have to decide about the implement changes and add some code documentation through which application attracts several users. 

App development similarity or difference with software programming

There are some common skills set with the developers of app & software programmers. These sets can be defined as:

  1. Attentions towards detail.
  2. Having the capability to handle a high amount of pressure.
  3. Skills related to numerical as well as a mathematical concept.
  4. Skills of problem-solving
  5. Creative nature
  6. Technical skills
  7. Programming skills.

 App development is mainly focused on the user experience as well as the designing & additional features in contrast to it, software programming gives focus to the finding codes as well as introducing the appropriate codes through which quality of programming get a match. 

IT degrees help in become a developer of app & software programmer

If a person wants to become a professional developer & programmer, then there is a requirement for getting a degree in computer science. There are so many developers, who graduated from web development, bachelor’s in computing & digital media, computer graphics. All these programs contain a topic that is related to mobile app architecture, interaction design, data mining, & mobile communications.

In case of attraction towards software programming, then the things are a quite clear means there is a lot of courses for a bachelor’s degree which provides a better option for s0ftware engineering. These specific courses are mainly focused on the computer systems, modeling of advanced software programming, computer ethics, & methods for solving out numerical as well as mathematics concepts.

Career options

Both the sectors, named app development or software programming will be highly rewarded at their levels as they both can show their importance in a person’s life. This will be beneficial for the user in terms of a paycheck at a monthly level.

Apps developments based jobs

  1. App tester
  2. Manager of web content
  3. Designer of UX
  4. Developer of games
  5. App developer

Software programming based jobs

  1. Software engineer of quality assurance
  2. Computer programmer
  3. Analyst of computer system
  4. Architect of computer network
  5. Web developer

In terms of salary, there is no difference it means that equal amount has been paid to the app developers as well as the software developers. The salary mainly depends on the experience as well as the courses.

  1. In the US, the average salary of an employee working at the post of a software engineer is 78000 USD per year.
  2. In the US, the average salary of an employee working at the post of an app developer is 66000 USD per year.
  3. In the UK, the average salary of an employee working in the field of software programmer as well as an app developer is 30700 GBP per year.

Wrap up Software engineers or software developers are highly in demand as similar to the demand for technology & science experts. This demand for developers & engineers constantly increases. These developers design a creative application that can be useful for the people through which they can use better programs over the computer & evaluate the latest ideas as well as solutions for issues related to the software. Mtoag is really a best site to get everything you need. It is crucial for website development company in USA..Our team of skilled web developers and software programmers made appropriate solutions for the project requirements.


Why Did My Rankings Drop After Using Google’s Disavow Tool?

As the 21st century continues to unfold, more and more business owners are recognizing the importance of implementing effective internet marketing strategies. By maximizing SEO and other such strategies, business owners can ensure that they continue expanding their online presence and thereby gain more revenue through the goods and services they sell. For quite some time now, many website owners have been aware of the integral role backlinking can play in affecting website ranking. If, for example, a website receives a backlink from a low quality website, this can cause the original website to gain a less prominent position in the search engine results pages.

For this reason, Google has put in place a disavow tool which permits website owners to rid themselves of connection to bad backlinks. Despite the apparent efficacy of this option, many website owners have experienced a drop in search engine ranking after using the Google disavow tool. By learning more about the Google disavow tool and how its use can affect your search engine ranking, you can make a prudent decision regarding whether using the tool would be appropriate or advantageous for you.

Google’s Disavow Tool-A Basic Overview

The basic premise of the Google disavow tool is simple. Oftentimes, website owners find that their sites have been backlinked to other sites that are either low quality, spammy, obscene, or questionable in some other manner. To remedy the problem of being linked to these types of questionable websites, Google gives site owners the ability to disassociate from them through use of the disavow tool. To use the disavow tool, the website owner creates a list of the URLs from the unwanted backlink site in a text file. Once you have successfully created a file, you can then access Google’s disavow link through Google Webmaster Central. After selecting your website, you’ll go through a list of warnings and subsequently select and submit your file.

Once you’ve successfully submitted your file, Google will not immediately discount your links. In fact, Google representative Matt Cutts has stated that it can take several weeks for the disavowal to be processed and actualized. Additionally, Cutts pointed out that Google can opt not to use disavowal submissions if the company believes they are not to be trusted.

After your disavow file is submitted, you will have the option to download the file and resubmit it to reflect any necessary changes. The file limit in terms of size is 2MB.

How The Disavow Tool Gained Prevalence

In determining whether you should use Google’s disavow tool, consider the fact that it was primarily designed for website owners who were adversely affected from Google’s Penguin Update. The Penguin Update had a profound effect on websites that Google believed were spamming its search engine results, especially those who did so through the purchase of links. After the Penguin fiasco, many web publishers and SEO companies went into panic. One of the primary concerns was how to develop a way to get rid of bad links and start anew. Other people grew concerned that some individuals might direct bad links to their web pages for the purpose of destroying their online presence with negative SEO. As a result of these concerns, new businesses that made money by charging to remove harmful links gained prevalence.

Why Your Rankings Can Drop Through Use Of The Google Disavow Tool


As many Google experts know, implementing the Google disavow tool can have an adverse effect on your search engine results page rankings.

Based on Kuan’s assessments regarding the Google disavow tool, it is clear that disavowing links that are helping you earn a competitive ranking can have a detrimental effect on your Google search results. The rationale is simple: Even if you are being backlinked by a spammy or low-quality website, that site can be generating visitors to your own pages.

How To Use Google’s Disavow Tool Effectively

In recognizing the fact that the Google disavow tool can have an adverse effect on your search engine rankings, you may wonder whether or not you should make use of the tool when attempting to solidify your internet marketing campaign. In discussing this matter, several internet marketing experts have pointed out that the key to success with the disavow tool is to avoid blindly disavowing links out of fear. Rather, you should take the time to do your research on the sites that you have been backlinked to before you begin the disavow process. In discussing how to use its disavow tool effectively, Google has stated that it frowns upon using the tool frivolously. In a 2012 slideshow on the disavow tool, Google representative Matt Cutts outlined several tips for effective use. They include:

1. Avoiding use of the tool unless one is certain that it is needed

2. Remove all the links from the web that you can prior to using the disavow tool. To do so, website owners can make several link removal requests for themselves. Website owners should wait until there are just a few links left to remove before resorting to the disavow tool.

Implications of the Google Disavow Tool

Although the Google disavow tool has been effective in helping many people cut ties with shady and/or scammy websites, some website owners are disgruntled about the fact that use of the tool can cause their rankings to drop. Interestingly, Google has not always taken definitive action against negative links. In the past, the company has frequently opted to simply ignore the bad links. Yet by choosing to interpret bad links as “negative votes,” Google facilitated the rising concern regarding adverse SEO activity which it is now attempting to quell through its disavow tool. Moreover, Google has also stated that its algorithms are designed to prevent negative SEO, meaning that the majority of web owners shouldn’t have to worry about the presence and effect that SEO might have o n their search engine result page ranking.


Despite Google’s efforts to prevent web owners from being subjected to negative SEO from bad backlinks, many people remain disgruntled. At this point, many web owners argue that links are ultimately disadvantageous to them because getting quality links is difficult. Moreover, when one obtains a quality link, the link itself might not count. Finally, the process of disavowing links can take time which one might want to devote to more productive activities such as web design, content creation, or social media network marketing efforts. In response, Google has emphasized the benefits offered by the disavow tool and how it enables people to obtain a “clean slate.”


As made plain by the information listed above, Google’s disavow tool can be an effective medium to use when attempting to disassociate from bad backlinks. At the same time, however, using the tool can have an adverse effect on your search engine ranking. In recognizing both of these realities, be sure to use the disavow tool strategically and as a last resort when implementing your SEO techniques to expand your online presence. Get a help from SEO Philippines Company.


An Insight Into Different Aspects Of E-commerce SEO Companies

In the competitive eCommerce ecosystem, it is important to have an edge over the competitors. But, the question is, what can you do tdo get that extra mileage over your counterparts?

In an ideal scenario, The product categories largely remain the same. The quality of products usually remains unfettered. So what is it that could be the differentiating factor? The answer resides in a three-letter acronym SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

Yes, SEO is the real deal here. Sadly enough, we don’t have the magic to spin SEO into our favor. Getting it right requires skilled individuals working day-in-and-day-out to make things happen.

Let’s have a sneak peek into what is SEO? Though, if you are searching for an e-commerce SEO company, we believe you may have some idea about the acronym. But still, we would like to put it out there. SEO or search engine optimization is a process that includes certain elements that make your page rank in the top search engine results.

Why do you need to hire an eCommerce SEO company?

Let’s begin from where we left off- the meaning of SEO. Now, you might have noticed the terms ‘Ranking’. This single word is powerful enough to get the ball rolling in terms of putting in serious effort into SEO plans.

The idea of ranking is to get your page to appear, preferably, on the top 10 search results. If an individual has to move to page-two of the search results, then something is wrong with the SEO wisdom and practice.

You can even hide a sensational spinoff of Harry potter on page two, and probably no-one would find it. To put it more appropriately, no-one would bother to move to the second page of search results to find what’s hidden there.

The longer attention span in this fast-moving world has become a myth. Users now want instant solutions more than ever before. If they don’t find it on your page within a few clicks, the chance of conversion goes for a toss.

The integration of SEO into eCommerce can be the game-changer in increasing the visibility of your platform. But again, if you are trying to approach it in the DIY fashion, this would take you to double the time. It is where the role of a professional eCommerce SEO services company comes into play.

If we consider for a second that you manage to get the ranking done, but consistency would be missing. The change in the search engine algorithms requires you to be proactive in adjusting the SEO strategies, and it is tough to be a lone warrior in the ranking battle.

The eCommerce SEO services will not only drive sales through a rise in the ranking, but it will also deal with other important elements. So, when you hire an eCommerce SEO company, look beyond mere sales.

We look at some of the offbeat services provided by various companies. These services get overshadowed in the hunt for powerful Keywords.

Offbeat services provided by e-commerce company

Generally, when we talk about the best eCommerce SEO services provided by the company. We come across terms like keyword planning, indexation, title tags, URLs, and meta description. But there are certainly other services which are equally important such as branding and social media integration.

Social media integration

Having a social media presence has always been crucial. But for some reason, it remains hidden in the technicalities of SEO. The newly formed companies have become unidirectional, focusing on ranking. Thus, they miss out on playing the card of social media influence.

To set the context, almost 78% of social media users turn out to be potential leads, and most of them get converted. Instagram story ads and Facebook ads have been quite instrumental in driving e-commerce sales.

The discovery of potential leads also makes sense when you consider an average joe spends more than two hours on social media platforms. Thus, it becomes crucial that SEO strategies need to be carved out to drive traffic to the official handles. 


Social media-oriented SEO strategies are not just about driving traffic to increase sales. It can turn out to be a crucial tool to promote branding. It is important to create online trust among the netizens. It is created by proactively monitoring social media trends actively followed by responding to the user’s query. SEO experts can seize the opportunity by researching various hashtags that are trending. So, the user can ask the query to give suggestions using the tags.     

To cut the long story short, hiring a professional eCommerce SEO company will force you out of the cocoon. It will give a tour of how the world of eCommerce is fast-changing, and how collaborative effort can keep you up to speed.