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Why Did My Rankings Drop After Using Google’s Disavow Tool?

As the 21st century continues to unfold, more and more business owners are recognizing the importance of implementing effective internet marketing strategies. By maximizing SEO and other such strategies, business owners can ensure that they continue expanding their online presence and thereby gain more revenue through the goods and services they sell. For quite some time now, many website owners have been aware of the integral role backlinking can play in affecting website ranking. If, for example, a website receives a backlink from a low quality website, this can cause the original website to gain a less prominent position in the search engine results pages.

For this reason, Google has put in place a disavow tool which permits website owners to rid themselves of connection to bad backlinks. Despite the apparent efficacy of this option, many website owners have experienced a drop in search engine ranking after using the Google disavow tool. By learning more about the Google disavow tool and how its use can affect your search engine ranking, you can make a prudent decision regarding whether using the tool would be appropriate or advantageous for you.

Google’s Disavow Tool-A Basic Overview

The basic premise of the Google disavow tool is simple. Oftentimes, website owners find that their sites have been backlinked to other sites that are either low quality, spammy, obscene, or questionable in some other manner. To remedy the problem of being linked to these types of questionable websites, Google gives site owners the ability to disassociate from them through use of the disavow tool. To use the disavow tool, the website owner creates a list of the URLs from the unwanted backlink site in a text file. Once you have successfully created a file, you can then access Google’s disavow link through Google Webmaster Central. After selecting your website, you’ll go through a list of warnings and subsequently select and submit your file.

Once you’ve successfully submitted your file, Google will not immediately discount your links. In fact, Google representative Matt Cutts has stated that it can take several weeks for the disavowal to be processed and actualized. Additionally, Cutts pointed out that Google can opt not to use disavowal submissions if the company believes they are not to be trusted.

After your disavow file is submitted, you will have the option to download the file and resubmit it to reflect any necessary changes. The file limit in terms of size is 2MB.

How The Disavow Tool Gained Prevalence

In determining whether you should use Google’s disavow tool, consider the fact that it was primarily designed for website owners who were adversely affected from Google’s Penguin Update. The Penguin Update had a profound effect on websites that Google believed were spamming its search engine results, especially those who did so through the purchase of links. After the Penguin fiasco, many web publishers and SEO companies went into panic. One of the primary concerns was how to develop a way to get rid of bad links and start anew. Other people grew concerned that some individuals might direct bad links to their web pages for the purpose of destroying their online presence with negative SEO. As a result of these concerns, new businesses that made money by charging to remove harmful links gained prevalence.

Why Your Rankings Can Drop Through Use Of The Google Disavow Tool


As many Google experts know, implementing the Google disavow tool can have an adverse effect on your search engine results page rankings.

Based on Kuan’s assessments regarding the Google disavow tool, it is clear that disavowing links that are helping you earn a competitive ranking can have a detrimental effect on your Google search results. The rationale is simple: Even if you are being backlinked by a spammy or low-quality website, that site can be generating visitors to your own pages.

How To Use Google’s Disavow Tool Effectively

In recognizing the fact that the Google disavow tool can have an adverse effect on your search engine rankings, you may wonder whether or not you should make use of the tool when attempting to solidify your internet marketing campaign. In discussing this matter, several internet marketing experts have pointed out that the key to success with the disavow tool is to avoid blindly disavowing links out of fear. Rather, you should take the time to do your research on the sites that you have been backlinked to before you begin the disavow process. In discussing how to use its disavow tool effectively, Google has stated that it frowns upon using the tool frivolously. In a 2012 slideshow on the disavow tool, Google representative Matt Cutts outlined several tips for effective use. They include:

1. Avoiding use of the tool unless one is certain that it is needed

2. Remove all the links from the web that you can prior to using the disavow tool. To do so, website owners can make several link removal requests for themselves. Website owners should wait until there are just a few links left to remove before resorting to the disavow tool.

Implications of the Google Disavow Tool

Although the Google disavow tool has been effective in helping many people cut ties with shady and/or scammy websites, some website owners are disgruntled about the fact that use of the tool can cause their rankings to drop. Interestingly, Google has not always taken definitive action against negative links. In the past, the company has frequently opted to simply ignore the bad links. Yet by choosing to interpret bad links as “negative votes,” Google facilitated the rising concern regarding adverse SEO activity which it is now attempting to quell through its disavow tool. Moreover, Google has also stated that its algorithms are designed to prevent negative SEO, meaning that the majority of web owners shouldn’t have to worry about the presence and effect that SEO might have o n their search engine result page ranking.


Despite Google’s efforts to prevent web owners from being subjected to negative SEO from bad backlinks, many people remain disgruntled. At this point, many web owners argue that links are ultimately disadvantageous to them because getting quality links is difficult. Moreover, when one obtains a quality link, the link itself might not count. Finally, the process of disavowing links can take time which one might want to devote to more productive activities such as web design, content creation, or social media network marketing efforts. In response, Google has emphasized the benefits offered by the disavow tool and how it enables people to obtain a “clean slate.”


As made plain by the information listed above, Google’s disavow tool can be an effective medium to use when attempting to disassociate from bad backlinks. At the same time, however, using the tool can have an adverse effect on your search engine ranking. In recognizing both of these realities, be sure to use the disavow tool strategically and as a last resort when implementing your SEO techniques to expand your online presence. Get a help from SEO Philippines Company.

VPN for businesses

3 Benefits of VPN for Businesses that are Critical for their Survival

In the past two years, a report by Osterman Research concluded that over 73% Of businesses experienced security breaches in their network. This is an alarming number as there are several aspects for which businesses need to be very cautious. And Forbes also reported that cybercrime could cost companies around the world up to 6 trillion dollars from 2016-2021.

In literary terms, cybercrime is simply a crime or an illegal activity using a computer and a network like the Internet. Companies, as well as individuals, are the target of cybercriminals who try to get access to the personal information of people. It includes credit card numbers, details about social security number, email id, and password, etc. Individuals can lose virtually all of their money from their bank accounts, for example, and companies can also suffer a lot. 

In extreme cases, cybercriminals can compromise the security of an entire nation in the form of stealing national secrets, get access to sensitive and confidential information like nuclear assets, etc. So, countering cybercriminals is not just for the sake of saving your hard-earned money, but it can go a long way as threatening the security and stability of an entire nation. 

What Can be Done?

To secure the network is one of the most important factors, especially for businesses. Individuals can safeguard their user ID password and credit card numbers, but for companies, There are several other ways in which cybercriminals can make them pay dearly. This is why they have to adopt several other strategies as well in order to make sure that they are well equipped against any form of intrusion into their systems. One of them is the use of a VPN.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) extends a private network for the use of companies and individuals, over any network like the Internet, so that companies can send and receive data securely as if connected directly to the private network. It is virtually impossible for anyone to hack into such a network, especially a business VPN, which is designed to safeguard all the data being transferred over a private network.

For businesses in companies, there are also many benefits, so that they use VPN as a secure way to send and receive data. The following are the top three aspects of this concern that I would like to discuss with you.

1. Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches

Cyber-attacks on companies’ websites or their local networks are not a new thing. Even though there are multiple types of VPN and other solutions available, cyber-attacks are rampant, and there is every need to be scared of them. In the worst case, a cyber-attack can leave a company completely shattered as virtually all of their sensitive data would be gone, and they can be left with no option but to build their entire website and network again.

But what about the trust of the customers and their private data? Certainly, it would be hard to get back, and any company would find it hard to stand up on its feet after such a severe attack. Another example can be of a data breach, where not much damage is done to the physical network or the website, but sensitive data can be stolen. And this can affect our company similarly as their reputation will be tarnished.

The use of a VPN is a smart move by companies so that they are able to not only send and receive data security but also safeguard themselves against any criminal activities on cyberspace. Even if you think that the data you currently have is not sensitive in nature, over the course of time, even that data can be the target of cybercriminals. As we don’t know what this calculates can do with the data, you need to safeguard yourself anyway.

2. Bring Productivity to your Company

It is not rocket science to think about productivity in your company as you have safeguarded the network and your precious data. With everything intact, you can be sure of running your business smoothly and becoming a productive company. The use of a VPN can help you in more than one way. But have you ever thought about exactly how a VPN can help you? Let me offer you a bit so that you can understand exactly what I am talking about.

The use of 256-bit encryption and the use of military-grade encryption protocols are just two of the many features that make a VPN virtually impossible to pass through. Security protocols are extremely important in the age of virtual offices and workplaces. Work from home has become a norm, and many companies have remote teams working on different projects. In any case, the use of a VPN can increase productivity considerably and is one reason that can compel any company to use a VPN.

3. VPN is Affordable

There is a misconception amongst many people and especially small business owners, that VPN can cost a lot. Surely, it is somewhat more expensive then the common proxy you would use to bypass a network, or any restriction imposed by your local ISP, but the benefits of using a VPN are far greater than the mere cost. As a company owner, you need to look at the bigger picture rather than saving a few hundred dollars and don’t opt for a customized VPN for your business.

In 2013, target stores were attacked by the cybercriminals and incurred losses over 162 million dollars. Think of applying for a VPN that could cause them as low as $20 per month. See the difference? VPN is not expensive at all when it comes to safeguarding your company’s network and precious data against cybercriminals. 

Final Word

From financial theft to cross border terrorism using online resources, there is virtually no end to how cybercriminals can make a huge impact on companies worldwide and even governments. If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog that I missed including or is there some aspect for which you like to know more, you are more than welcome.

If you want to ask any questions too, or just one to offer your feedback, please use the comments section below.


An Insight Into Different Aspects Of E-commerce SEO Companies

In the competitive eCommerce ecosystem, it is important to have an edge over the competitors. But, the question is, what can you do tdo get that extra mileage over your counterparts?

In an ideal scenario, The product categories largely remain the same. The quality of products usually remains unfettered. So what is it that could be the differentiating factor? The answer resides in a three-letter acronym SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

Yes, SEO is the real deal here. Sadly enough, we don’t have the magic to spin SEO into our favor. Getting it right requires skilled individuals working day-in-and-day-out to make things happen.

Let’s have a sneak peek into what is SEO? Though, if you are searching for an e-commerce SEO company, we believe you may have some idea about the acronym. But still, we would like to put it out there. SEO or search engine optimization is a process that includes certain elements that make your page rank in the top search engine results.

Why do you need to hire an eCommerce SEO company?

Let’s begin from where we left off- the meaning of SEO. Now, you might have noticed the terms ‘Ranking’. This single word is powerful enough to get the ball rolling in terms of putting in serious effort into SEO plans.

The idea of ranking is to get your page to appear, preferably, on the top 10 search results. If an individual has to move to page-two of the search results, then something is wrong with the SEO wisdom and practice.

You can even hide a sensational spinoff of Harry potter on page two, and probably no-one would find it. To put it more appropriately, no-one would bother to move to the second page of search results to find what’s hidden there.

The longer attention span in this fast-moving world has become a myth. Users now want instant solutions more than ever before. If they don’t find it on your page within a few clicks, the chance of conversion goes for a toss.

The integration of SEO into eCommerce can be the game-changer in increasing the visibility of your platform. But again, if you are trying to approach it in the DIY fashion, this would take you to double the time. It is where the role of a professional eCommerce SEO services company comes into play.

If we consider for a second that you manage to get the ranking done, but consistency would be missing. The change in the search engine algorithms requires you to be proactive in adjusting the SEO strategies, and it is tough to be a lone warrior in the ranking battle.

The eCommerce SEO services will not only drive sales through a rise in the ranking, but it will also deal with other important elements. So, when you hire an eCommerce SEO company, look beyond mere sales.

We look at some of the offbeat services provided by various companies. These services get overshadowed in the hunt for powerful Keywords.

Offbeat services provided by e-commerce company

Generally, when we talk about the best eCommerce SEO services provided by the company. We come across terms like keyword planning, indexation, title tags, URLs, and meta description. But there are certainly other services which are equally important such as branding and social media integration.

Social media integration

Having a social media presence has always been crucial. But for some reason, it remains hidden in the technicalities of SEO. The newly formed companies have become unidirectional, focusing on ranking. Thus, they miss out on playing the card of social media influence.

To set the context, almost 78% of social media users turn out to be potential leads, and most of them get converted. Instagram story ads and Facebook ads have been quite instrumental in driving e-commerce sales.

The discovery of potential leads also makes sense when you consider an average joe spends more than two hours on social media platforms. Thus, it becomes crucial that SEO strategies need to be carved out to drive traffic to the official handles. 


Social media-oriented SEO strategies are not just about driving traffic to increase sales. It can turn out to be a crucial tool to promote branding. It is important to create online trust among the netizens. It is created by proactively monitoring social media trends actively followed by responding to the user’s query. SEO experts can seize the opportunity by researching various hashtags that are trending. So, the user can ask the query to give suggestions using the tags.     

To cut the long story short, hiring a professional eCommerce SEO company will force you out of the cocoon. It will give a tour of how the world of eCommerce is fast-changing, and how collaborative effort can keep you up to speed.