Best Tech Blogs to Follow in 2017

What makes a tech blog follow-worthy? It boils down to providing unique narratives, doing frequent updates and having achieved a level of popularity.

Here’s a list of our favorite tech blogs to follow.

  1. Ask Dave Taylor

Dave has been in the computer industry since 1980, believe it or not, and have been online since before the beginning of the Internet. Some say that it wasn’t Al Gore but he who actually invented the Internet. He has created and launched four Internet related startups, the first of which was The Internet Mall. The original one.


2. iLearn Technology

Kelly’s goal is to help teachers fall in love with technology the way that their students have. She believes that technology reaches students in a way that few other mediums can – technology meets students needs, engages them, and helps them to be the best learner they can be.

3. Scott Hanselman

Scott is a programmer, teacher, and speaker. He works out of his home office for the Web Platform Team at Microsoft, but this blog, its content and opinions are his own. He blogs about technology, culture, gadgets, diversity, code, the web, where we’re going and where we’ve been.

4. Tech Guide for Travel

Anil is a hacker who likes to apply this mentality to all of the things he loves, including travel and technology. The Tech Guide For Travel is a place where you can let your inner travel geek out and learn more about the tools that make being a digital nomad fun.

5. TechnoMag

Toneo Tonderai Rutsito is the National (NJAMA) award winner for the ICT Reporter of the year award (2012). He is also the columnist with the weekly Herald`s TechSpot column running every Thursdays.

6. Uncrunched

Michael Arrington is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of TechCrunch. Uncrunched is his personal blog, a place fulfilled with interesting techie stuff.

7. Women Love Tech

Frederique started Women Love Tech to share her passion for and support of technology with her readers. Three years on, Women Love Tech has evolved into a lifestyle technology digital magazine for women who have a love of all things tech that can enhance their everyday lifestyle.


Gaurav Kumar is the man behind He has started this top-notch tech blog in 2014. Gaurav has worked with clients like Microsoft, Acer, Samsung, Bluehost, etc. Since then, he has become India’s most loved professional blogger.

9. EdTech Roundup

The Ed Tech Roundup was formed in early 2013 with the goal of helping educators with technology integration. The Roundup is run by Michael Karlin, a former biology and technology teacher from Kansas who spent time teaching in South Korea and Colombia as well.

10. Free Technology for Teachers

Richard is a former high school social studies teacher best known for developing this blog which’s purpose is to share information about free resources that teachers can use in their classrooms. His work is focused on sharing free web-based resources that educators can use to enhance their students’ learning experiences.

11. David Strom

David is an international authority on network and Internet technologies. He currently writes for Network World, TechTarget,, ArsTechnica, ITWorld and GigaOmPro. He has written extensively on IT-related topics for more than 25 years for a wide variety of print publications and websites.

12. Android Headlines

Android Headlines is one of the Largest and Fastest growing tech news media companies on the internet. Millions of Android and tech enthusiasts visit Android Headlines for their daily doses of Android News, Reviews, Apps, Games, Videos. We cover technology ranging from smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, computers, cameras, apps, smart appliances, car technology, carrier technology, VR, IOT and so much more.


13. TechVibes

Rachel is a freelance writer with a background in business and a passion for technology. She enjoys staying up to date on the latest industry news and playing her favorite game, Street Fighter.

14. Technology Personalized

This blog is nothing like any of those run-of-the-mill tech news websites you come across on the web. They let others to create the noise while they strive to separate out the signals. End of the day, quality will score over the quantity.

15. Rough Type

Nicholas uses this blog as a testing ground for exploring new ideas or thinking through stuff on the web or elsewhere that he finds interesting or annoying. In some cases, he develops the material here into articles or essays that will appear in more formal publications.

16. ReadWrite

Richard MacManus founded this site as ReadWriteWeb in 2003 and grew his blog about the changing Internet into an international team of journalists.

17. Digital Inspiration

Amit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from I.I.T. and has previously worked at ADP Inc. for clients like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. In 2004, Amit quit his job to become India’s first and only Professional Blogger

18. By Ron Miller

Ron has been a Freelance Technology Writer since 1988. and his technical writing experience includes documentation, online help, classroom training materials, online training and various other related tasks.

19. TechCabal

Bankole Oluwafemi is Editor-in-Chief of, Africa’s fastest growing tech blog covering technology, startups, mobile and digital media. Bankole’s writing and quotes about technology in Africa are regularly featured in prestigious publications such as Quartz and Fortune.

20. TechnoBuffalo

The content on TechnoBuffalo is created by a team of professional writers that are self-proclaimed tech-enthusiasts. Their articles cover a breadth of technology-related issues and topics from the everyday uses to the business side of the industry.

21. Tecosystems

Stephen is the co-founder of tech analyst firm Redmonk, where mixes personal insight with software-tech analysis. He also offers collections of current links about what’s hot in tech news/commentary.

22. The Wonder of Tech

Carolyn is a polygadgetist who has been entranced with personal technology for over 20 years. She designed this blog for tech lovers, tech haters and anyone else who wants or needs to learn about the world of personal technology. The Wonder of Tech is designed to help you learn about the amazing and rapid developments.


23. Bonkers About Tech

The purpose of the site is to help people by providing useful how-to’s and to explain technology in plain English. The aim is to make it as interesting and as entertaining as possible, so you won’t find stuff on here that’s boring or too serious!

24. Standalone Installer

With millions of monthly visitors from across the planet, is your one-stop software platform that is designed to serve all your personal and professional needs. No matter if you are a student, an entrepreneur, a developer or a gamer, they will help you download just the right software.


25. Web Loggerz

Ansh is a young entrepreneur and WordPress consultant who likes to write information on WordPress for beginners. In just 2 years of his online journey, he has founded, funded and sold several 5-figure blogs.


26) Brotha Tech

Terrance is the to go-to guy when you want to know about the latest and greatest in technology, or just need some tech support. He’s been a tech-blogger/freelance writer covering a wide-range of geeky subjects since 2008. He is also a technology consultant for individuals, small businesses, and events.


27) Cross Browser Testing

Testing may be the last thing you want to do upon submitting a new integration, but it’s essential to run tests before (and after) the feature hits production. While no one wants to see a functioning web app fail on another browser, or find a bug that had gone previously undetected, it’s better you than your users. However, testing doesn’t have to be a chore. Visually comparing screenshots or automating repeated tasks means that testing is not only easier and more effective but also more likable. To learn more about cross-browser testing, make sure to check out these guys asap!


28) Tech List

Pakistan technology news and lists with special focus on startups, entrepreneurship and consumer products.